Darina Kvit

About me

Darina Kvit is a young and promising singer of the CIS region. In every note, word, and melody of her songs, Darina conveys a unique feeling of immersion in her subconscious. It is there that the answers to many questions are found.

Darina Kvit began her career in Singapore in 2019 creating her first music video “Like the Last Time”, which collected over 3,000,000 views and thousands of enthusiastic comments on YouTube.

Even though the new star has been on the big stage for only a year, she has been associated with creativity and music all her life.

Darina Kvit was born in the small village of Arbuzinka located in the Mykolaiv of Ukraine on August 31, 1991. The girl had no preconditions to becoming a singer in her childhood, but she was always drawn to music and instruments. At the age of 8, Darina was so confident in her talent that she applied to the Arbuzin School of Music saying: “I want to learn to play the piano.”

This phrase became fundamental in forging her future in music.

A teacher looked at the determined girl with surprise and replied: “It’s great that you have such zeal, but we need to arrange for an audition and, at least, sign the documents.”

At the audition, the music teacher noted Darina’s good hearing and took her as a student. In just 2 years Darina Kvit performed the most catchy compositions in 4 hands together with her teacher at the main local events.

Later the same year, the future singer noticed that there is a folk dance ensemble in her music school. Darina’s eyes lit up and she signed up for classes.

Immersion in musical creativity reached its climax when Darina Kvit joined the choir where she also performed.

Darina graduated from music school with a “good” degree: the piano and choir became an integral part of the future singer. However, she had to endure a tragic end but in dancing, as she and her dancing teacher had trouble understanding each other.

Despite devoting a large part of her time to music lessons, Darina graduated from secondary school with excellent marks in 2008 and entered the Poltava Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy where she was an active player and the creator of her own learning. Both students and tutors admired and appreciated Darina’s talents.

Together with the dean, the future singer led university events as well as more serious meetings. Throughout the years of study, she was the main event leader at the Academy.

At the university, Darina Kvit was able to return to her old hobby — folk dancing. The new environment inspired and motivated her growth. Darina traveled a lot together with the ensemble. She visited Italy and Slovakia to perform and represent the ensemble at competitions.

During her creative career, Darina has released 2 tracks – “Like The Last Time” and “Touch” collecting over 4,000,000 views on YouTube. Fans get imbued with Darina Kvit’s music and open themselves to the main thing — spiritual harmony and happiness.